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marry me.
all the answers.

21 / m / manhattan. killing trotsky. wanderlust. centrifugal bumble-puppy. serenading. chinatown bussing. cooking eggs. debating the merits of pre-foamed soap. second hand smoking. soaking cork. thornton wilder. falling asleep. speaking french. cartwheels and forward rolls. casual encounters. sangria. in a thermos. with straws. at the park. strife. verbing your noun. the night. the desert. driving. harry beck. shadow puppets. cursive. chartreuse. scandinavia. horchata. barrel vaults. bunnies. corinthian columns. dystopias. pleasure. bliss.

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    One of the most badass costumes in a horror movie, ever. Barbara Steele in Curse of the Crimson Altar.
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